Gain next-level MT system connectivity, control and full pump monitoring and insights

MT OEM machining often faces challenges like pump failures, poor pump performance and low-quality machining. These issues commonly stem from poor filtration, inadequate liquid cooling, and the limitations of fixed-speed pumps that lack monitoring and control features. They operate in an on/off system without interconnectivity, which hinders data capture and requires extra solutions. 

Ultimately, this can cause higher service costs, more downtime and slower operations. But we have a solution: We integrate our data-driven iSOLUTIONS into your pump operations to enable complete system control and monitoring – even remotely. 

But how do we achieve this exactly? By linking our MGE motors to your SCADA system, we provide real-time data on pump pressure, flow, speed and control commands. This data allows full pump control via digital or analogue inputs transmitted through the MGE’s ethernet port and CIM card. That way, you get detailed insights into pump performance and full transparency over energy use. 

However, machines are unique and vary from one customer to another. Because of that, we collaborate closely and programme your system with you, ensuring you get the right inputs and outputs. Adapting to machine requirements can be challenging to scale – that’s why we always look at the entire system and how it operates, no matter if you’re grinding, milling or filtrating.

There’s no one-size-fits-all here. We work to understand which system aspects bring value to you. It’s not just about collecting information and insights; it’s about how we utilise this, what we choose to measure, and how we transform all that into value for you.  

All our e-pumps can be connected to the system for data extraction from your entire pump lineup, allowing you to optimise operations, extend service intervals and save energy. A Direct SensorTM can detect drops in pump performance, alerting your service or maintenance manager through our information systems.

That way, you can maximise production efficiency through connectivity and automation. This leads to optimised cost management throughout the lifecycle whilst also reducing the likelihood of downtime through predictive maintenance ·– and decreasing OPEX by minimising service costs.

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