Ningbo doses safely and accurately for 1.5 million citizens

These pumps ensure the water safety of 1.5 million citizens. From my side, it is an important issue with great social value.
Jiang Yarong, General Manager, Hangzhou Jijie Environment Protection Technology Company

The Chinese city of Ningbo built its first modern water treatment plant in 2007. Raised on a hillside in the mountains near this urban area of about 4 million in Zhejiang province, the Ningbo Dongqian Lake water plant would supply water to about a third of the city's population.

Jiang Yarong worked with the plant to secure a proper pump supply. She is general manager of Hangzhou Jijie Environment Protection Technology Company. Nearly a decade later, she visits the plant, walking along its settling tanks and under a sign that says, "Building a harmonious environment" in Chinese characters. On a rock face over a tunnel behind the plant, the word "water" is painted in several styles.

"Ningbo Dongqian Lake water plant is one of my classic customers and one of the key successful cases in Zhejiang water plants," she says. She points out that the plant was able to successfully avoid problems in one of the most troublesome applications at water treatment facilities: the pumping of sodium hypochlorite.

This volatile compound, used as a disinfectant, has a high pH level and is dangerous if it comes in contact with humans or the environment in high concentrations. Finding the right pump technology was crucial, says Jiang Yarong. "Normal dosing pumps in the Chinese market could not avoid leakage problems," she says. This plant must be safe for the city's residents and plant's workers.

The solution

Jiang Yarong recommended Grundfos DME digital dosing pumps. Ten years later, the DME's still just work 24/7, according to Service Supervisor Zhou Zhengli of Hangzhou Jijie Environment Protection Technology Company.

"There are three key advantages of Grundfos products," Zhou Zhengli says.

Jiang Yarong of Hangzhou Jijie Environment Protection Technology Company supplied the Ningbo Dongqian Lake Water Plant with Grundfos dosing pumps for their "accuracy and safety."

The first is their accuracy in measurement for variations in dosing volume. "Normally, products in the market can only make a range of 1:40, while Grundfos products have a quite wide measuring variation at 1:800. This allows Grundfos to apply to different situations in the water plant," he says.

He has also been satisfied with the pumps' "highly integrated control panel, which guarantee simplified maintenance and operation." He adds that Grundfos avoided the typical leakage problem due to their products' high quality diaphragm. "That quality also guarantees that the products can apply to different conditions at the plant, like extreme humidity or temperatures," he says.

The outcome

Jiang Yarong calls the project "the very first modern water plant in Ningbo." It set a precedent in the region. Today more than 200 water plants in Zhejiang Province use Grundfos, she says.

"Grundfos pumps have served here more than 10 years without any faults or leakage problems. Thus, they earn great recognition from the plant's equity owner," she says. "These pumps ensure the water safety of 1.5 million citizens. From my side, it is an important issue with great social value."

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