Did you know the cost of purchasing a pump makes up only 5% of the total lifetime cost...

...the other 95% comes from energy use and maintenance costs.

At Grundfos we believe it’s possible to decrease energy consumption and increase system performance and comfort in your building.

Replacing just one existing pump can save the CO₂ emissions equivalent to 3 cars a year. And looking beyond individual components and optimizing an entire HVAC or plumbing system can improve reliability and lower operating expenses by reducing wear and tear and extending both pump and system lifetime.

See how Grundfos energy optimization services can help you dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve OPEX by identifying opportunities to increase overall  efficiency in your building.

Save Energy. Reduce OPEX. Improve Indoor Comfort.

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Energy-efficient replacement of the cooling system reduces costs and emissions for luxury hotel

A Grundfos Energy Check for the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel proposed that their existing five 37kW pump system could be replaced by just three 18.5kW Grundfos NBE pumps, frequency converters and a smart controller to save significantly on energy, costs and emissions, in a payback time of under a year. 

Grundfos Energy Optimization Services

Are you facing challenges with increasing electricity prices and targets to reduce CO2 emissions? Grundfos has a range of energy optimization services to help you identify ways to increase HVAC and plumbing system efficiency. Whether you're looking for a quick, automated analysis, or a comprehensive evaluation, we have a optimization solution to help you reduce energy consumption and improve OPEX.

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Discover a World of Energy Savings

In A World of Energy Savings, you'll find inspiration from companies all over the world who identified opportunities for exceptional energy savings in their commercial buildings after completing a Grundfos Energy Check or Audit.

Like a high-rise condo in Toronto saving $37,000 CAD a year by upgrading to more efficient Grundfos Hydro MPC packaged pumping systems.