Euraqua Reverse Osmosis and Grundfos Direct Sensors™

The Situation

Fitted to a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment system, the RelativePressure and Temperature Sensor RPS provides inputs to monitor for presence of water and over pressure cause by blockage. 


The Grundfos Solution

The standard RelativePressure and Temperature sensors RPS 0-10 bar and RPS 0-16 bar are used to provide measurement and control.

Eurauqa RO system


The Outcome

Combining pressure and temperature in one sensor is useful. The sensor is economical as it does not require loop power controls, therefore costing less to install and uses less energy than 4..20mA devices.

A commercially viable sensor that provides the outputs required in a robust manner.
Alastair Morlidge, Euraqua General Manager

RPS in RO system

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