Another smash hit for Grundfos Retrofit Academy

Pumps are responsible for 10% of world’s energy and half of this can be saved through  energy optimization. In order to save energy and help budgets, Grundfos have launched a complimentary service named Energy Check where our engineers conduct a 2-3 hours walk through and provide the clients with a report on the methods and the savings potential in their pumps. Click here to schedule your free energy check.

The training focused on the problems caused by old and inefficient pumping systems that are currently widespread throughout the region’s water supply and sewage infrastructure, agriculture sector and industrial processes, and the savings that could be achieved by retrofitting with the latest Grundfos automated high-efficiency pump systems.

A total of 44 top engineers, consultants, clients and regulators packed the Grundfos Academy in Jebel Ali Free Zone, for a training programme that started with a refresh session on pumps, controls, motors, variable frequency drives and applications, during which the attendees were able to see for themselves a number of special demonstration units in action. 

Attendees were shown how system inefficiencies can be quickly traced using Grundfos’ Energy Check - a free service that quickly identifies problem pumps and shows the potential savings and payback periods that can be achieved when these are replaced with the latest high efficiency pumps and controls. Particular emphasis  was placed on the latest developments in cloud connectivity and digital technology which are now driving a move to intelligent pumping networks that react  automatically to changes in demand and system pressure to ensure optimum efficiency at all times.

The day ended issuance of the Certificates as well as with a chance for the attendees to discuss individual projects with Grundfos technical and market experts and to network with colleagues from a wide range of industries and sectors represented at the event – from healthcare and hospitality to Water Utilities, airports, media and local government. 

 Tolga Candan – Grundfos Energy Opt. & Retrofit said  “Customers often fail to appreciate that 85% of the lifetime cost of any pumping system relates directly to the energy used to run the pumps. The latest high efficiency Grundfos pumping systems can cut energy usage by between 30% and 60%, so the retrofitted pump systems pay for themselves often within a matter of months.

Nicholas White – Director of Asteco Real Estate commented “We all should approach presentations with the same passion as those at Grundfos delivering their mission. They provide knowledge of energy saving possibilities on  pump selection and retrofit which is essential for property managers toolbox in the modern day. Think globally act locally.” 

The Grundfos Retrofit Academy has received great appreciation since its launch in 2017, and the 5th one is going be held on 5th December 2018. Please click here to register for the event.