Consultants seeks more technical training from Grundfos Egypt

Consultants from across the Egypt have reacted positively to Grundfos’ latest round of specialist training courses on Commercial Building Services, claiming the training was very useful – and that the industry badly needed more of the same.   

The feedback followed three training sessions during July at the offices of leading consultants ECB, Al Amar and Al Dar Consultants, each involving around 20 top staff. The sessions followed a similar format, with Grundfos technical experts, Emad Shafik and Waleed Okasha explaining the vital part played by pumps and pump systems in modern commercial buildings, before going on to discuss the latest developments in digital pump technology and what this means in terms of efficiency and energy-saving.

The events concluded with a demonstration of the Grundfos on-line product center and discussions on the latest Grundfos solutions for HVAC and Fire-fighting systems.