First ‘Lunch & Learn’ for Grundfos Alexandria

A relatively new format that combines a short training and product update session with lunch and the opportunity for discussions on current and future projects, ‘Lunch & Learn’ has proved popular because of its informality and minimal impact on the working day.

Generally accommodating small group of colleagues from individual companies, the sessions provide a backdrop for discussions on individual projects and allow Grundfos technical experts to make valuable inputs into upcoming local projects.

Alexandria’s first ‘Lunch & Learn’ event, with a group of 8 engineers from locally-based MEDC Consultant, was quickly followed by a second session with 9 engineers from mechanical, engineering and plumbing specialists, PPO. Both followed a similar theme, concentrating on domestic and commercial water supply and treatment and HVAC pump installation.

In each case, the group was also given a demonstration of the Grundfos Product Centre – an advanced, easy-to-use, on-line tool that helps users select the right pump size and specification for any new or replacement application and provides a 24/7 source of information on Grundfos’ world-leading pump and accessory range.

Feedback on the day was extremely encouraging, with both groups impressed by the level of technical training received and by the energy consumption savings that are possible with the latest generation of ‘smart’ domestic and commercial building services pumps – many of which were discussed during the short training session.  

Opened just a few months ago, the Grundfos office in Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city and one of the main engines of the country’s economic growth, is already proving to be a major driver in the development and expansion of the company’s distribution network and service facilities across Egypt. 

The ongoing expansion of the company’s training focus, and introduction of the new ‘Lunch & Learn’ format will now help to strengthen growth by developing meaningful relationships with customers and specifiers throughout the region.