Grundfos Dubai facility secures LEED Platinum recognition

Grundfos’ regional headquarters in Dubai has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification for Operations and Maintenance for Existing Buildings (LEED O+M: Existing Buildings) – an internationally recognised mark of excellence for Green Buildings.

The 4456 sqm multi-purpose complex, built back in 2002, hosts a factory, service centre and an office which serves the region with sustainable water solutions.

In the UAE, Grundfos has joined the ranks of 11 buildings that have secured LEED Platinum certification for Operations & Maintenance.

Aside from being a regional base, it also serves as a training centre where hundreds of engineers, consultants and customers receive hands-on training and interact with the most advanced cloud-based water solutions in the region.

Speaking about the achievement, Kostas Poulopoulos, Area Managing Director of GGD, says that earning the LEED Platinum certification is a moment of pride for everyone in the company. It took time, team effort and genuine zeal for sustainability to achieve it. “We’re proud to be one of the very few facilities in the UAE to achieve this recognition, and this truly reflects our purpose of driving sustainability not only through our solutions but also in how we operate as a business. We looked into how we can be sustainable through our entire business operation and did not leave any stone unturned along the way.”

Though the actual certification process took about a year, GGD has been tirelessly working on becoming climate positive way back.

Kostas added “Several years ago, we switched to using LED lights and upgraded our chiller management system which resulted in at least 70% reduced associated electricity consumption. We also save 25,000 litres of water annually by disinfecting and recycling water for our ISO certified pump testbeds.“

As a result, water consumption has decreased by 54% while electricity consumption has decreased by 90% since 2017.

While the results are phenomenal, it only inspires Grundfos to do even more. In fact, during the end of March, Grundfos also activated solar panels on the facility which now provides at least 60% of their energy requirements.

The newly installed solar panels yield 310,000kWh of energy per year and allow Grundfos to avoid at least 210,000 kg of CO2 emissions annually. This move further boosts the company’s objective of becoming climate positive by 2030.

It is undeniable that the world has achieved rapid technological development at the expense of the planet. But Grundfos shows that it is possible to harness innovation and technology for sustainable development. It is possible to grow as a company without harming the world; all it takes is to have a genuine care for the planet and the rest will follow. “Being a water and climate company, we are obliged to pioneer solutions to address the world’s most pressing water and climate challenges by adopting these practices in how we operate.” Kostas highlights.