Grundfos and Arabi gear up to tackle energy retrofit in Kuwait

Still reeling from last year’s unprecedented 1200% increase in electricity prices as the government seeks to remove power subsidies and concentrate attention on cutting energy wastage, the country’s commercial and industrial sectors, as well as local authorities, are plagued by old, inefficient pumping systems that are using up to 60% more energy and creating around 30% more CO2 pollution than today’s high efficiency alternatives.

The objective of the training, therefore, was to refresh Arabi staff’s knowledge of pumps, controls, motors and variable frequency drives and bring them up to date on the savings that can be made using the latest high technology integrated pumping systems.

Tolga Candan who is heading the Energy Optimization and Retrofit in Grundfos, have taken the Arabi staff through a series of presentations designed to help them identify and measure energy wastages in pump related applications. Furthermore, Tolga gave demonstration on how to retrofit and optimize pumping systems in a range of water-related applications. 

With the training under their belts, Arabi are now gearing up to raise awareness on the benefits of retrofit to customers throughout Kuwait, who, until the latest electricity price increases, had little incentive to save energy and whose experience of retrofit rarely spread beyond basic initiatives, such as changing to LED lights.

Andrew Gamal, who is heading Arabi’s dedicated Retrofit team said,” Working with Grundfos, we will now be offering customers a free Grundfos Energy Check to identify where they can make the biggest savings by retrofitting with new high efficiency Grundfos pumps and controls. In many cases, we’ll be able to cut energy use by 50% and more, which is financially very significant in view of the recent tariff increases and further increases which are expected in the future.

“Using the latest innovative Grundfos advanced technology solutions, customers will not only provide themselves with a cushion for the future, but will improve the resilience of their systems, cut maintenance costs and help to cut environmental emissions."

“Retrofit is a win-win solution for everyone. We expect the concept to spread quickly and even create a new template for retrofit-proof developments in the future.”