Grundfos BS training for Al Amar

Ten top engineers from Al Amar’s consulting team attended the session to hear presentations on general plumbing and HVAC pumping solutions from Grundfos Sales Engineer, Waleed Okasha.

Underlining the importance of Grundfos’ latest advances in pump technology and efficiency in reducing energy usage and delivering more robust and reliable pumping solutions, Mr. Okasha stressed the importance of choosing the right pump for each job. 

He then rounded off the event with a demonstration of the Grundfos Product Centre, an advanced on-line tool designed to help users calculate the correct pump size and specification for each new application; identify replacement pumps when needed and provide 24/7 information on Grundfos’ complete range of pumps and accessories.

Feedback following the event was very positive, with delegates appreciating the insight on pumping system design and functionality, and the breadth of advanced solutions available in Grundfos’ building services range – most of which were touched on during the presentations. With pump efficiency a major talking point throughout, delegates were also impressed by the very significant reductions in energy usage and cost associated with the latest generation of Grundfos intelligent pumps.