Grundfos Egypt commissions first Polydos unit

The first Polydos polymer dosing unit to be commissioned by Grundfos Egypt’s team of specialist engineers has now been successfully installed at PepsiCo’s Chipsy food processing factory in 6th of October City.

The new unit, which Replaces a previous ‘Prominent’ system, has been installed as part of a renovation of the waste-water treatment system at the factory, one of two sites in Egypt producing the popular Doritos Chips.

Custom-designed for the Chipsy production plant, the Polydos unit provides an efficient and reliable solution for the mixing and precision dosing of polymers, which are used in the system to provide coagulation and flocculation for the removal of particle suspensions.

Commissioning of the new unit threw up a number of challenges for the Grundfos team, who had to re-engineer the polymer dosing pump for fully automatic operation, despite the client’s original ‘manual’ specification, and provide it with an extra level of protection, in addition to the standard TSE dry-running sensor.Further concerns about the mixing agitator also led to a change from continuous to ‘on-demand’ operation.

As a result of the changes carried out by the Grundfos team, the client now has much more control over the system, with direct control of the agitator’s operation timing and a separate system-based HMI control screen which is independent of the main station control system.

In addition, the polymer dosing pump is now better protected, with a series of level, temperature, fault and overload sensors which will help to cut waste and provide additional stability and reduced costly down-time and maintenance within the waste- ater treatment system.

After final modifications to the control panel the client was more than happy with the final solution, which met all of the client’s operational specifications as well as providing an additional level of economy and protection over and above the previous installation.