Grundfos Egypt sells biggest drainage pump ever

Grundfos Egypt has sold its biggest ever drainage pump to the 6th of October City Authority to support the expansion of sewage handling facilities at Sanitary Drainage Hoist 3 in El Fayoum.

The largest sewage pump to operate in the Egyptian market, the mega pump has a capacity of 450 KW – almost three times the size of a standard submersible. It was assembled and tested at the Grundfos International plant in Hungary, which has the benefit of the largest and most technically advanced testing tank and support facilities in Europe.

Based on a Grundfos Type S submersible WW pump, the powerful new pump is 100% watertight and has been designed for vertical dry installation and operation. It incorporates a motor driven cooling jacket, designed to prevent heat build-up.

Developed by technical and design experts at Grundfos International, working closely throughout in cooperation with engineers from the Egyptian Government’s Urban Communities Authority, it has been designed to handle large volumes of unscreened raw sewage, under the most difficult and demanding conditions.

Representatives of the Urban Communities Authority and the City Authority travelled to Hungary, along with a representative of the Grundfos Distributor and Grundfos Egypt’s engineer, Marco Gamal, to oversee performance testing of the new mega pump prior to delivery, and were delighted with the results.

Despite its physical size and capacity, the mega pump fully lived up to the Type S’ reputation for reliability and energy efficiency, not only providing a high-performance drainage solution for the El Fayoum facility, but satisfying the growing demand, throughout the state, for technologically advanced solutions that deliver optimum energy savings.