Grundfos Egypt targets home owners in new campaign

Grundfos Egypt has launched a new campaign to showcase the company’s popular JPA booster pump to home owners in North Coast’s main tourist areas.

Designed as a robust and easy-to-operate pump solution for domestic water systems, the self-priming pump has a suction up-lift of 7 metres, making it ideal for transferring water ground tanks in a wide range of domestic installations.

With a simple user-friendlyinterface, the pump ensures stable operation, even when there are sandy impurities or air bubbles in the water, so is perfect for the coastal areas around Alexandria.

To kick-off the campaign, a promotion team has decked-out the main North Coast toll gates with eye-catching branding designed to highlight the Grundfos name and promote the JPA pump.

Over the ensuing two weekends they will follow this up with a targeted leaflet and give-away campaign that will see qualifying local residents receiving free gifts of Grundfos-branded car sun shades and leaflets introducing the company and extolling the benefits of the Grundfos JPA pump.

After the initial two-week campaign, the team will then move-on to three other key tourist transit routes in and around the Alexandria area, for a further two-week period, to take the JPA message to a much wider audience of local home owners.

The current campaign is part of a wider promotion throughout the region for the company’s range of domestic pumps and accessories, which stared earlier this year with a very successful event for local plumbers.