Grundfos focus on Smart solutions for RAKWA

The event, which hosted 15 of the Agency’s top engineers, was specially structured to focus on the challenges facing RAKWA as it rolls out sewage treatment facilities to residencies and businesses following the opening of a new treatment plant that has doubled their waste water treatment capacity.

During a full day of discussions and presentations with Grundfos technical and sector experts, the visitors were shown the latest developments and innovations in pump technology and how they are now cutting waste, saving energy and improving the reliability of modern water and waste handling systems for customers across the Middle East.

The highlight of the day was the presentation on new Grundfos iSolutions, a range of innovative ‘Smart’ pumping systems that use intelligent pumps, cloud connectivity and digital services to optimize performance and provide outstanding control and predictability in water and waste handling systems.

The RAKWA engineers were shown how the flexible systems and user-friendly controls give a complete, minute by minute, overview of performance, efficiency and running costs, while automatically adjusting to changing conditions and volumes – a key issue with waste-handling systems, thus minimizing energy usage and reducing stress on even the most complex pumping networks.

Rounding off a very busy day, Grundfos Gulf General Manager, Kostas Poulopoulos said “Smart pump technology is driving a revolution in water and waste handling across the Middle East, cutting costs while providing more robust, low maintenance systems. We are committed to working with RAKWA to ensure that they have the knowledge and support needed to take full advantage of this new technology in the future.”