Grundfos showcases latest safe disinfection techniques to water industry experts

Hosted at the Address Hotel – Dubai Marina, a team of five Grundfos specialists led the discussions, which centred around safety issues and how current, often expensive, treatments using UV radiation, filtration or traditional chlorination techniques generally offer only temporary or partial protection and can leave drinking water supplies tainted.

They explained how the latest electro-chlorination techniques, pioneered by Grundfos, offer a much safer and more reliable solution, producing Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2), a much more powerful and effective disinfectant that kills off micro-organisms (including Legionella) by an oxidative destruction process that leaves no residue or tainting. The disinfectant is then precision dosed into the water supply using advanced SMART technology that automatically compensates for changes in demand pressure.

To help guests understand the complex design and technology behind the company’s groundbreaking Oxiperm PRO CLO2 disinfection and dosing system, the team used a range of techniques, including newly developed Virtual Reality displays that provide a clear insight into the application and installation of the new systems.

Also showcased was an in-house developed dosing skid; an integrated system of pumps, controls and communication modules designed to feed and monitor the CLO2 liquid as it passes from the tank to the injection point on the water supply network.

Speaking after the event, head trainer Loris Bonotto said, “This was a useful two-way discussion that gave the equipment manufacturers an in-depth understanding of our full range of disinfection solutions, and particularly our advanced CLO2 capabilities. We expect that it will lead to further discussions with many of the attendees, opening up new opportunities for both parties.”