Grundfos spreads energy optimisation message in Jordan and Lebanon

Like their neighbours across the region, Jordan and Lebanon are plagued by an infrastructure of old and inefficient pumping systems that are using up to 60% more energy and creating around 30% more CO2 pollution than today’s alternatives, as well as wasting precious water supplies.

“Our latest pumping systems are IE5 efficient, utilising ‘intelligent’ technology and digital communications to dramatically reduce energy usage” said Tolga Candon, head of Energy Optimisation and Retrofit for Grundfos in the Middle East. “Whilst these pumps are being widely adopted in new buildings, our biggest challenge lies in updating existing buildings, which is where Retrofit is key.”

The training, in early July, was carried out with our partner companies, Sadara in Jordan and Yared in Lebanon. The training focused on the problems caused by old and inefficient pumping systems that are currently widespread throughout the region’s water supply and sewage infrastructure, agriculture sector and industrial processes, and the potential savings that could be achieved by retrofitting with the latest automated high-efficiency pump systems.

Grundfos has been working closely with its partners to establish and train their teams of specialist engineers to carry out Energy Checks. These checks, free of cost, use existing pump data to help building owners and facility managers identify opportunities to drastically cut energy consumption, resulting in cost savings. Click here to schedule your free energy check.

“With Governments now pushing-up energy prices in an attempt to cut energy wastage there is growing pressure on customers and local authorities to save energy”, said Tolga Candon. “In many cases, we can cut energy use by 50% and more, so retrofitting will often pay for itself in as little as 12 months.

“But retrofitting isn’t just about saving energy, the new pumping systems reduce overall pressure in the networks, providing greater efficiency and reliability and reducing water losses and expensive maintenance and down-time. Retrofitting is proving to be a win-win solution for everyone.”