Khoory heading for top slot in Dosing market

With its eyes firmly on the growing market for high performance digital dosing systems, Grundfos’ Service Partner, M.A.H.Y. Khoory has now completed the first phase of a specialist training course on the company’s Smart Digital dosing pumps and Analyzers.

The course, which Grundfos training and service specialists tailored specially for six of Khoory’s top service engineers, was designed to provide the detailed knowledge and expertise required to work with the latest generation of Smart Digital diaphragm dosing pumps and water analyzing systems, which were launched in the Middle East late last year.

Presented in Dubai on 15th May, the training comprised a mix of hands-on sessions and discussion time and was designed to strengthen Khoory’s position in the fast- rowing precision dosing market by enabling the engineers to independently commission the dosing stations and the controllers.

The training is part of a general upgrade of service facilities and expertise by Khoory, which was recently appointed one of the first of a new breed of Grundfos Audited Approved Service Partners (AASP’s) – a select group of super-service partners who will provide a unique level of sales and after-sales service for Grundfos customers across the Middle East.

It will be followed shortly by second phase of DDCC training which will build on the engineers’ site experience and knowledge with on- ite training on an installed and operational Dosing and control systems.

The introduction of the current 3rd generation of digital dosing pumps has opened up a new era in dosing technology, enabling precision dosing of a much wider range of chemicals and high viscosity additives into an ever-widening range of industrial processes, from drinking and waste water treatment to chemical and pharmaceutical processing and even food and beverage industries.

Customers are increasingly drawn to Smart Digital’s advanced diaphragm dosing technology, with its industry-leading accuracy, that is not only more efficient but offers much better control of expensive additives, saving money through better system control, reduced maintenance, lower ingredient costs and reduced energy usage. With the Advance control system along with the smart digital  pump makes a closed loop control and facilitates the automation of the complete dosing system. 

M.A.H.Y. Khoory General Manager, Mr. Shabbir Haideri, commented, “Khoory is continuing to work closely with Grundfos, not only to build a successful and highly efficient business, but to ensure that Grundfos customers can rely on the very highest level of service across the world-leading pump range, whenever they contact us. Our ability to service and commission the latest Smart Digital pumps is a further step towards our goal and will enable us to further our reputation in this fast-growing market”.