Pump School comes to Alexandria University

Engineering students from across Egypt were given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in pump systems and technology, when Grundfos’ took their popular Pump School to Alexandria University on 30/31st January.   

As this was the first time the event had been staged at the University, students applying for the two-day course were first asked to identify their current level of pump experience, and what they were looking to gain from the course - whether this was just to improve their general knowledge of pumps and application, or to gain experience of the latest advanced developments, including SMART pumps and iSOLUTIONS

Course content was then developed to ensure students gained the maximum benefit, with a focus on four key areas – pump theory and applications, intelligent pump solutions and how to use the Grundfos Product Centre, an online tool designed to lead users through the correct sizing and specification of Grundfos pumps for any new or replacement application. 

Students were taken through basic pump theory and how developments in pump technology and innovation are radically changing the way that fluids are now managed in everything from commercial HVAC installations to manufacturing processes,  agriculture and water and waste handling systems.

This was followed by an in-depth review of Grundfos’ world-leading range of pumps and accessories, with a particular focus on the latest iSOLUTIONS, prior to a detailed, hands-on  session on the Grundfos Product Centre.

Feedback from students and tutors was that their first pump school had been very successful, providing a good balance of academic and hands-on information and significantly expanding  knowledge and understanding of the contribution of pumps in every aspect of engineering.

The Pump School has become a popular event throughout Egypt, with previous events in Cairo, Upper Egypt and the Alexandria designed to meet the needs of a range of engineering professionals and  stockists from the manufacturing, process and construction sectors.