Showcasing quality at Grundfos Dubai factory

A group of 30 top industry professionals, including consultants, engineers, contractors and government authorities were joined by representatives of the media for the event. The event was designed to highlight the processes, testing and continuous quality checks that are applied throughout the assembly process to ensure that every booster pump leaving the plant meets Grundfos’s high demanding global quality standards.

Like its sister factories in Europe, the Dubai facility assembles the pumps using the same quality-checked components, which are delivered and stocked on site ready for  use. Visitors were shown the carefully controlled assembly process, from part selection right through to final live testing and certification of large booster units to ISO 9001 and ISO 9906standards..

During the tour of the plant, the visitors were shown more than 50 booster units which were ready to be shipped that day. Amongst them was the plant’s first ever 6-pump CRE-XL booster, due for a local water authority, which was destined to provide water to a complete district of over 5000 residents.

Alongside the tour and demonstrations, visitors took part in an interactive ‘debunking’ session, during which Grundfos technical experts dispelled some of the myths that exist in the market. A typical example surrounded the location of the non-return valve. Grundfos was able to share its stance on the best location for the valve, as well as on several other ‘controversial’ industry best practices.

Feedback from the event was excellent. “One of the most informative, interactive and interesting supplier events I have ever attended”, said Baldeep Singh Sahni, COO of developer RSG. “I hope to see many more similar learning opportunities for our engineers in future”, added Jakir Shaikh of Al Futtain Contracting.  “The Grundfos people are so passionate about what they do – not only is Grundfos unique, your people are different too” said SEWA, whilst Rhonita Patnaik, Editor of Technical Review Middle East, added “It was inspiring to see how much Grundfos cares for energy efficiency and safety.”