Proven reliability and energy savings under all modern wastewater conditions

The Grundfos SL range of wastewater pumps has been extended with frame size 56 pumps in the size of 18.5 to 41 kW, 50Hz. To ensure the highest operational efficiency, the new range of SL pumps are fitted with IE4 motor components and the innovative Open S-tube impeller.

The pumps are self-cleaning and are ideal for pumping wastewater with medium to extreme concentrations of fibres and suspended solids. They are available in a wide range of material variants, such as cast iron, stainless steel and high chromium white iron. Thanks to its compact design, the pump easily replaces most wastewater pumps with a minimum of system adjustments required.

Proven reliability in all wastewater conditions

The new SE/SL frame size 56 wastewater pumps featuring the innovative Open S-tube® hydraulics are self-cleaning and continue operating even in challenging conditions. They can help you reduce maintenance costs, energy consumption and total cost of ownership as well as your carbon footprint. 

Less downtime, lower OPEX

Download our leaflet to learn more about how the new SE/SL frame size 56 wastewater pumps can help you reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption in your wastewater installation.

Built to last in modern wastewater conditions

With the ability to self-clean and a capacity for large flows, the SE/SL frame size 56 wastewater pumps operate reliably and efficiently in even the toughest wastewater conditions. Watch this video to learn more about how we designed the new range of wastewater pumps to meet modern wastewater challenges.

SE/SL pumps: Reliable and trouble-free operation 

Download the SE/SL wastewater pump range brochure and find out how these pumps keep operation reliable with all wastewater flows. SE/SL pumps come with a range of hydraulic designs, for reliable and efficient operation with the highest level of performance in all wastewater applications. Available in multiple versions from 1 - 63 kW/ 1.5 to 84 hp, SE/SL pumps reduce your total cost of ownership with reliability proven in installations around the world.