Transform data into action

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS CLOUD Building Analytics, powered by CopperTree Analytics, transforms vast amounts of raw data into smart recommendations that drive more cost-effective, efficient and sustainable performance throughout your building.

Personal support at all levels

Text: more than just a report, Building Analytics is a partnership designed to help you be proactive in maintenance planning, maximize building efficiency and deliver consistent occupant comfort. Our building application engineers add context to the recommendations in your data report, create custom roadmaps to your unique goals, and help drive short- and long-term actions to produce real and meaningful outcomes.

More than just a report, Grundfos Building Analytics is a software solution that simplifies your building’s data and gives you actionable information to help you be proactive in maintenance planning, maximize building energy efficiency and deliver consistent occupant comfort. Its online dashboard is designed to help you take actions to produce real improvement and clarify when it’s necessary to bring others in to achieve your unique goals.

5-30% reduction in energy costs

Up to 60% reduction in HVAC maintenance labor costs

Fast connection, fast diagnostics

The Grundfos Building Analytics data collection device readily integrates with your existing BMS, streaming thousands of data points to a secure, cloud-based analytics engine that monitors for system integrity, anomalies and inefficiencies.

Dig into actionable insights – customize to your priorities

To help you get the most out of Grundfos Building Analytics, we offer to meet with you on a monthly basis to develop a tailored roadmap, so you achieve your objectives and priorities. 

These may be finding out what your realized costs savings are, getting detailed energy conservation measure (ECM) results, discovering optimization opportunities, improving occupant comfort and workforce management.

See the results of specific actions

GBA calculates how much your actions have saved to date, plus projected payback periods and potential savings for additional improvements.

Through the online dashboard you will learn how the ECMs implemented, such as adjusting schedules or run settings, have paid off. GBA reviews each measure in detail, showing your team current results and continued opportunities to proactively improve energy efficiency and asset lifespan long term.

Reach your sustainability goals

Grundfos Building Analytics helps you take proactive steps to reduce your building energy usage, helping you comply with ever-changing corporate and government sustainability goals.