Why distributed pumping solutions are increasing in popularity

Listen to the audio whitepaper about how Grundfos applies distributed pumping solutions for air conditioning in commercial buildings to increase end-user comfort and save over 50% energy use.

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3 modules
  • Intermediate

1 - Life Cycle Cost

This course introduces you to the concept of life cycle cost analysis, and reveals the hidden costs of a pumping system.

6 modules
  • Intermediate

46 - Distributed Pumping in Data Centres

This course will give you a thorough understanding of Distributed Pumping in data centres, covering what data centres are, how Distributed Pumping works within them, and the potential energy-saving benefits.

3 modules
  • Intermediate

22 - Solar Pumping Systems

This course will help you understand the basics of solar water pumping systems and the applications in which they can be used, the advantages of selected solar-powered Grundfos pumps, and an insight into the sizing and selection process of a solar pump in the Grundfos Product Center.