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69 - The Grundfos Distributed Pumping Course

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Q: What is the benefit of aligning primary side flow with secondary side flow?
A: To avoid or minimise the ‘low’ Delta T syndrome
Q: What is the key design element in Grundfos Distributed Pumping?
A: The use of intelligent pumps instead of valves
Q: Why must low-pressure non-return valves be installed for each cooling loop with AHU’s?
A: To avoid backflow in case the AHU unit is out of operation
Q: How does the MPC controller protect chillers from freezing?
A: By ensuring minimum flow over the active chille
Q: Why is coil flow always correct in a distributed pumping system?
A: Because Magna 3 pump speed is modulated based on terminal unit load
Q: How much flow is required to achieve almost 80 % of the capacity?
A: 50%