According to the World Food Programme, Malawi is a low-income country with a population that grows rapidly.

The Background

Most Malawians live on densely cultivated land to survive and are often plagued by natural disasters such as droughts and floods.

Now, small-holder farmers are experiencing prolonged El Niño induced droughts too. In Malawi, where the rains were delayed in places by up to two months, the ongoing El Niño has resulted in a severe drought and led to failed crops for many subsistence farmers.

Due to its poverty levels, increasing population, and advanced environmental degradation, Malawi is especially vulnerable to climatic shocks and hard-won development gains are fragile in the face of phenomena such as those caused by El Niño.

The Solution

Omega Farm is one farm that reduces the severity of the absence of food in Malawi, specifically addressing mango and moringa production. Without a water source, however, no reliable production could be gained from the farm.

Grundfos offered the customer a solution, including Grundfos SQF 3A-10, six 260 Watt Solar Modules, a 60 Litre pressure tank and a pressure switch. The farm now irrigates 3 hectares with about 2500 Mango trees, 6 hectares with 7000 Moringa trees and nourishes the thirst of 106 cattle with the goal that the irrigation system will work effectively to grow Omega farm.

The Outcome

Good products and fantastic distributor services by Bluezone Malawi have left the client grateful and satisfied with the work that has been completed, and the equipment that has been provided to build on a sustainable farming and water solution.