Find your product using the Advanced Selection

This example will show one of the primary ways to find a product by utilising the Advanced Selection.

I will now show you one of the primary ways to use the Advanced Selection to find your product.

Start by selecting the pump family and select a product group, if you want a specific group. Here I have selected the CM.

I want the size for a duty point of 2 cubic metres of flow and 20 meters of head. We see that the sizing updates the sizing result and the capacity curve accordingly.

I can hover over to see the product cards where I can see the detailed information about the product but also about the performance of the pump.

I can keep adding requirements to my sizing inputs.

In the list, I see a lot of the CM3-3 products, using the group variant. These will now be reduced to unique product names and we see how many variants there are within each group.

A variant is for example, a different shaft seal, different connection, different voltages and others.

For the CM3-3 we have 42 variants. If I hover over the card again, we can see on the capacity curve where this group is belonging in the range of products.

If I want to work with the CM3-3 specifically, I click the double arrow and it opens in a new tab.

Here, I can apply filters where I can keep filtering down what I need from this group. For example, if I am only interested in the voltage, I can see the results here.

I can go back and do the same for a different group. Again. It opens in a new tab where I can apply a filter relating to this.

It can be different filters in different groups.

I can add products from here to my selected products, as I show here.

I can add up to three products and I can see it in a consolidated curve as an individual curve with the comparison side-by-side, technical details, materials, installations and others.

I can go back to the products and delete it or delete all of them.

I can print out the view and choose which products to be included in the print and whether the curve should come out as a comparison.

This is one way to use or advance selection.

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