Troubleshooting the MAGNA3 circulator pump

Learn how to troubleshoot your MAGNA3 circulator pump.

The Grundfos eye at the top of the display indicates the status of the pump.
If it is green, all is ok and there are no warnings or alarms.

Yellow means that the pump has a warning, but can continue operation
whereas red indicates that an alarm has occurred and that the pump cannot operate.

If the pump has an internal sensor fault, you can press the left arrow to get further information.

And you can refer to the booklet for more information.

If there is a multi-pump communication fault, you can also get more information
on the pump display or by referring to the booklet.

If the pump is blocked you can see more information on the pump display and in the booklet.

Again, if an internal fault has occurred, check the pump display, and check for turbine operation and unstable supply voltage.

Also here, you can find more information in the booklet.

From the home screen you can go to ‘status’ to see a list of previous warnings or alarms by selecting the alarm log.

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