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Design and testing of Grundfos wastewater pumps ensure reliable performance

At Grundfos, we use our years of experience and advanced development methods to manufacture pumps that are designed and tested for wastewater installations.

Building a virtual design of a wastewater pump – a 3D model – lets us run flow simulations and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design loops to optimise the design before building a physical prototype. We run simulations of cavitation and fibre handling, for example, at the same time as we physically test clogging and flow.

Meet the experts

Watch the video and hear how Grundfos uses simulation-driven development to build virtual prototypes in wastewater pump design, and how we combine this with physical prototypes and testing, for reliable wastewater pumps.

Our simulation tools can also help you design pumping stations, industrial wastewater pumps and wastewater treatment plants.

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