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How to find a suitable pump replacement

Identify your ideal replacement pump fast, regardless of the old pump’s type or manufacturer.

Watch the video and learn how to find a suitable replacement pump.

A quick and easy way to find your pump replacement

Any time you need to change a pump, it’s critical the replacement pump suits the application. You may also want to go beyond a basic fit and find a pump that optimises your overall system better than the old pump. The Grundfos Product Center helps you identify your pump replacement fast, regardless of the old pump’s type or manufacturer. It’s a quick and easy way to get the exact pump you need for your duty points and other system requirements.

Step 1: Identify your old pump in the system

Select 'Product Replacement' under 'Products & Services'. The guided replacement tool in the Grundfos Product Center prompts you to enter information on the old pump such as model, manufacturer and frequency. Simply make your selections from the drop-down menus and you will receive a result immediately.

Step 2: Evaluate replacement pump options

Compare your old pump with the new pump the system suggests. View respective pump curves in comparison to each other. Change your requirements or duty-point information to see how the new pump measures up. Compare as many pumps as you wish to find the right solution.

Step 3: Choose your desired replacement pump

Select your desired pump to get an in-depth look at its performance curve, dimensions, lifetime, and other product-related information. Export or print the information, or sign in and save in 'Projects'  to retrieve later.

Do you want to optimise your pump performance, reduce your energy bills or simply have peace of mind knowing your pumps are in good hands? Whatever the need is, Grundfos offers a wide range of services to keep you covered for the lifetime of all your pumps.

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