Built-in dosing monitoring enables best-in-class reliability

Our top-of-the-line dosing pumps are designed to be the perfect solution for complex and demanding applications. The control variants offer a range of intelligent options, including selective fault diagnosis, built-in pressure monitoring, integrated flow measurement, and AutoFlowAdapt. This enables a constant setpoint, even when discharge conditions change, and helps ensure the desired amount of chemicals is consistently added to the process. 

Continuous monitoring of the pressure and dosing flow allows the pump to detect any dosing failures or accidents in dosing lines, such as chemical leakage or blockage in the discharge line, or air bubble intrusion in the suction side – and provides alarms when necessary. 

These functionalities are crucial, particularly when it comes to chemical health and safety perspectives, and the built-in feature means fewer extra accessories for monitoring and controlling chemical dosing are required – and help minimise CAPEX costs.

Optimise your digital dosing system with FlowControl Measurement

Learn about the FlowControl Measurement module and how it can benefit you by enabling intelligent control of the flow in your system.

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