Easy and simple industrial automation integration

Grundfos dosing pumps provide several connectivity options for monitoring, control and communication – and are particularly suited to integration in digital platforms and ecosystems. They are a good choice when it comes to relaying operational status and alarms, for external controls and for communicating with other components in a turnkey system.

Choosing a Grundfos digital dosing pump helps make system integration easier, and makes it possible to save time and money during design. In short, with our Smart Digital Dosing solutions, it’s easy to connect, integrate and monitor the entire system.

An example from the range is the Grundfos DDA SMART Digital Dosing pump, which is available with an E-Box 150. The E-Box 150 holds a CIM 150 PROFIBUS-DP interface, which is a standard interface for data transmissions between PROFIBUS-DP networks and Grundfos pumps. the interface makes it possible to exchange data between Grundfos DDA and a PLC or SCADA system.

Discover more about the E-Box

The E-Box device enables our digital dosing pumps SMART Digital S up to 30l/h to communicate with a wired transmission to a range of fieldbus standards

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