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How to design a Distributed Pumping system

Designing your Distributed Pumping system is a breeze with Grundfos. Find out below what to consider when sketching out your system, or take the pressure off altogether – contact our dedicated experts for comprehensive design services and a calculation of the savings you’ll make.

Getting started

Your HVAC system requires a hydraulic headloss calculation to ensure all distributing pumps deliver the correct head and flow. Additionally, selecting the right pumps secures optimal efficiency in all areas.

The flow balancing between your primary loop and the secondary loop reduces the need for large primary pumps, so selecting the right set of primary pumps is equally important.

To get things done in the most efficient and effective way, you’ll need your project’s hydronic details such as:

  • Equipment schedules for AHU, Chillers, FCU, PAHU etc.
  • Pipe schematic
  • Riser diagram

We’ve made designing your Distributed Pumping system easy

With our advanced design tools and expertise in designing HVAC pump solutions, we’ll convert your building project into an energy efficient Distributed Pumping solution.

Simply provide us your hydronic details and we’ll ensure the optimal Distributed Pumping design for your project, delivering:

  • Schematic layout
  • Energy saving report comparing Distributed Pumping solution with conventional system design
  • Pump selection for primary and secondary side
  • Project management and design validation

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Download material for designing your Distributed Pumping system

BIM drawing for TPE3

Download the BIM models you need. Our data-light versions won’t slow your system down.

BIM drawing for MAGNA3

Download the BIM models you need. Our data-light versions won’t slow your system down.

Tender materials

Download proposals for tender texts

Our application guide explains how Grundfos Distributed Pumping improves performance in chilled water systems and removes many of the shortcomings of conventional valve systems.

It provides a technical description of best practices in system design and control modes of distributed pumping topology for combined heating and chilled water systems.

Learn more about how to design your Distributed Pumping system

Find white papers and ECADEMY courses below for the in-depth information you need.

ECADEMY: The MAGNA3 circulator pump

The MAGNA3 circulator is a highly advanced canned rotor pump intended for large commercial buildings such as hospitals and schools.

The intelligent pump ensures optimum flow and pressure for each terminal unit while continuously keeping the system in balance, based on input from the sensors.

Find out more in our videos.

Explore your options – let’s talk

It’s easy to see why so many building owners are motivated to implement energy efficient solutions for their properties and assets.

If you’re interested in the benefits of Distributed Pumping and want to explore your options further, then we’re ready to provide you with expert insights.