With digital dosing, you get precise dosing of chemicals

To discharge or reuse wastewater while meeting strict regulations, it’s crucial with accurate and reliable dosing during chemical treatment. For processes like pH control, coagulation, flocculation, disinfection and sludge dewatering, it’s crucial to control and dose the right amount of chemicals – at the right time and with the right flow.

Traditional dosing pumps regulate the dosed quantity by adjusting stroke length and/or frequency, but reducing the stroke length can adversely affect the dosing accuracy. That means, in cases where the dosing pump is unable to operate at 100% stroke length, valves will suffer from reduced performance, leading to inefficient dosing. In addition, measuring the chemical dosing flow is also quite challenging as it has an aggressive impact on flow meters.

Our dosing pumps include several features that enable precise chemical dosing – and with our SMART Digital Dosing™, you get a clear advantage. By using a stepper motor, the volume dosed is altered by the discharge stroke speed while continuously utilising 100% of the stroke length. This results in optimal dosing accuracy. And with the integrated flow measurement functionality, you can monitor the real-time dosing flow without the need for external flow measurements.

The pumps also have a high resolution for operating setpoints to find the exact dosing setpoint required by the process. This results in higher treatment efficiency and reduced chemical consumption. 

Get an introduction to digital dosing

Our ECADEMY course introduces you to digital dosing and how it is applied in various applications. You'll also get an introduction to FlowControl Measurement and how it optimises digital dosing.

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