Advanced leakage-free design that eliminates maintenance and downtime

MT OEM customers can experience costly downtime and higher costs of parts. That makes leakage-free components integrated into machining processes essential. For this, our Drainage Back to Tank (DBT) immerged MTHE and MTRE pumps are the answer, with their ability to effectively eliminate leakage risks by keeping the liquid within the tank – even if the shaft seal is worn out. 

The MTHE and MTRE pumps are intelligent, energy-efficient pumps designed for key processes in machine tool applications, fitting seamlessly with other components. They offer a reduced carbon footprint and energy efficiency in systems through best-in-class hydraulic and permanent magnet motors – and full operational control and easy integration with all standard MGE features built in. 

Here are some other notable benefits that show how these pumps can improve your operations: 

  • Elimination of downtime due to leakage
  • No contamination risk
  • Longer service intervals
  • Reduction of part costs
  • Non-sticking solution for the shaft seal

See how e-pumps reduce costs and save energy

Want to reduce costs and save energy without experiencing a drop in machining quality? The Grundfos e-pump is the solution to your challenges. Watch the film to explore the features of Grundfos e-pumps like the MTSE and MTRE.

Grundfos MTRE: Easy-to-integrate and efficient pump for OEM machine tool solutions

Our MTRE vertical multistage immersible pumps offer high energy efficiency and durability, making them ideal for various machine tool applications, pressure and flows. 

MTHE: Compact leakage-free E-pump for machine tool applications

Our compact, leakage-free MTHE e-pumps come with an integrated frequency converter and are designed for top-tank mounting. That makes them perfect for a wide range of machine tool applications, depending on your specific requirements. 

Discover the top 6 benefits of our cutting-edge machine tool solutions

Harness the power of our advanced machine tool and industrial system cooling solutions, each developed and refined over 75 years. Our solutions are built on long-standing industry experience and expertise and countless long-term collaborative global partnerships.

Explore the top 6 benefits our machine tool and system cooling technology brings to you and your customers – and discover how you can be at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

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