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Hygienic designed manifold

Grundfos Hydro booster sets are not designed for the pumping of sterile liquids, but their construction and the choice of materials make them an ideal solution for secondary processes in hygienic applications such as pumping of potable water. 

Grundfos Hydro MPC, Hydro Multi-E and Hydro Multi-S booster sets are fitted with a hygienic designed manifold which meets the strictest hygienic requirements when pumping potable water. 

Grundfos Hydro booster sets comply with: 

DIN 50930-6 

The materials used do not influence the quality of the pumped liquid. 

DIN 1988-2 

During distribution, the domestic cold water is never heated above the acceptable +25 °C. 

Before delivery the booster set is disinfected, sealed and free of bacteria and germs. 

Manifolds on Grundfos Hydro booster sets are designed with rounded inner pipe edges. 

    • No gaps or cracks for bacteria or germs to hide and grow 

    • No dead water zones 

    • Reduced hydraulic losses 

    • Reduced noise, etc. 

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