An all-in-one intelligent pump solution with integrated sensors & controls

Grundfos offers various speed-controlled pumps that are referred to as ‘E-pumps’ – and they’re all equipped with Grundfos MGE motors with an integrated frequency converter. By integrating these e-pumps into your system, you can reduce your foortprint, manufacturing costs and material inputs as they  are lower than pump solutions with external frequency converters.

Additionally, Grundfos variable frequency drives (VFD) can do more than control speed. You can perform logic tasks and processes that usually require a controller or PLC, functions that allow you to simplify the system.

With MGE motors, you also get additional features and advantages. If no E-pump is available for a specific application, you can usually operate the three-phase industrial motors offered by Grundfos via intelligent pumps. In such an event, you should refer to the technical information in the operating instructions and datasheet. 

Download the brochure to dive into the technical details and learn more about the MGE pump.

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