A fully optimised, highly reliable and easy-to-operate physical water treatment system

Grundfos iRO iSOLUTIONS brings a new level of intelligence to RO systems. It offers maximum efficiency and the best relation between kWh and m3 of treated water – while helping reduce the overall system footprint.

With six standardised bundles that include all the key components and flexible kits that cover a wide duty point range, you can reduce the number of suppliers and minimise the components you need to keep in stock. In short, you get a one-stop shop that helps simplify your supply chain and vendor management – without compromising efficiency.

Grundfos iRO kits also ensure that you’re running on a factory-configured setup, while the high-speed motor reduces engineering and production time and assembly and wiring costs. With the kits, you can build an intelligent reverse osmosis system that provides real value from day one.

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Interested in our standardised pre-packaged kits with Grundfos components?

With pre-packaged iRO kits and factory-configured application parameters, you can get the minimum equipment needed in standard reverse osmosis systems.

Top 4 benefits of our state-of-the-art technology for optimising physical water treatment

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