For engineers who like to move the limits

The new generation Grundfos CR pumps are designed for world-class efficiency and reliability - with millions of customisable solutions.


Introducing the new CR185 – our biggest addition to date

Our new and improved generation of Grundfos CR pumps now has an im-pressive new addition, the CR185 – giving us a flow range capacity up to 240.

We continue to move the limits with this strong addition to the world’s most modular pump range. Our new hydraulic design improves every-thing from impeller and guide vanes to inlet, discharge port, sleeve and diffuser – giving you world-class energy efficiency and improving pump reliability even more than before. 

The launch of the CR185 ushers in a new era of pump performance, giving you the largest flow range so far with capacity up to 240. Our CR range de-livers world class reliability, with pumps that are tested to the absolute limits and beyond to offer optimized operating economy via enhanced hydraulic efficiency, and cover millions of applications solutions to fit your every need.

The CR 185 is the first of three new CR pumps and the new CR range will move the limits of performance. See more in detail below and get a first-hand look at the added value of the new flow range capacities brought to you by the new CR185. The pumps have been designed using state-of-the-art simulation-driven processes and have been field-tested around the world – so you can install and operate the range with total confidence.

New CR production line moves the limits

A state-of-the-art product like the new CR pump requires a state-of-the-art production line. Designed to maximise quality, precision and speed, our dedicated CR production line moves the limits of performance, with burr-free laser cutting, automated laser welding and inline 3D tolerance scans.

Discover how the new CR is made and performance-tested in this video.

Hydraulic efficiency

The optimised hydraulic design of the new generation of CR pumps is made possible with advanced simulation-driven design and validation processes. An automated design loop generated thousands of virtual prototypes to perfect impeller blades, guide vanes, flow paths and passages and reduce turbulence and energy/pressure losses – bringing to life a pump with world-class energy efficiency.

Watch the video for an overview of the hydraulic design improvements.

Tested to the limits

Every aspect of the new CR pump has been tested to the limits – above and beyond what the pump will ever need to do in the field. Virtual simulation models have been validated by calculations and by physical prototype testing of components and complete pumps in our advanced test facilities. Every single CR pump leaving a Grundfos factory is performance-tested and approved according to ISO 9906:2012 before shipping. ​

Watch the film to see how it’s done.

Explore the new CR pump range in detail

The new generation of Grundfos CR pumps introduces world-class efficiency upgrades and a range of new features that will further improve pump reliability.