Engineering manual

Tailored solutions and customised components for the best integration into your system

Do you need a small footprint CR(E) solution? Or a specific shaft seal material for your end suction NB(E) pump? Grundfos can provide the right component that is perfect for your cooling tower, whether or not it exists today. 

The type of motor, voltage, frequency, material, and more – anything you might need to improve your system can be customised according to your specific requirement. And what’s more – you can even configure it yourself through the Grundfos Product Center. 

Grundfos Configurator feature is available in Grundfos Product Center for the CR(E), NB(E), CM(E), MRT(E), MTH(E) and TP(E) ranges. 

Through this manual you can learn how to access to the configurator and see all the features, materials, and components that you can change when designing or building your system.

Top 6 benefits ensuring optimised performance and effective control of temperature in cooling towers

Grundfos with its state-of-the-art technology can help future-proof your business while reducing complexity across the value chain with technical expertise and dedicated support every step of the way.  

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