Grundfos Pumps Integrated Into A Build To Combat The Coronavirus


In 2019-2021, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic took the world by storm killing millions of people before a vaccine could make it to the market. The rising death rates and numbers of infected citizens presented many challenges leading to quick actions on local, national and international levels. Businesses were asked to pivot operations to meet the needs of the communities they serve, and government funding was made available to assist. Multiple companies came together to come up with comprehensive solutions.

One example of this is the collaboration between a Midwest Life-Science Company, Evoqua Water Technologies and Grundfos.

A Midwest life-sciences company that manufactures vials and medical test kits received a request to increase their output to 1M test kits from the United States Government per day in support of efforts to combat Covid-19. Pure water combined with a stabilizing solution was needed to retain the integrity of the testing sample and Evoqua Water Technologies a leader in building water solutions received the bid to provide a comprehensive and fully tested pure water system. Evoqua, a partner of Grundfos, reached out for assistance because of their exceptional reputation in the market for building reliable products to specification and meeting deadlines.

The Solution

Two CRNE pumps with a variable frequency drive as well as a chemical feed pump for acid injection to lower the pH of the incoming water supply were selected from the Grundfos product line and integrated into the build ensuring purified water so millions could be tested.

“Grundfos pumps were critical to the high purity water applications and the chemical feed portion of the system.” Steve Specker, Technical Sales Designer - Evoqua Water Technologies

The Outcome

Service Excellence:

Evoqua chose Grundfos because they are easy to work with and very helpful in proper sizing questions. Their pumps had been very reliable and were used on all of the life sciences company’s local critical high purity water applications that re-pressurize the water from a storage tank. Because of the critical nature of the pandemic, and the quick deadline the ability to get the pumps out to the customers in a timely fashion was of upmost importance and played a very important role in the selection process for the build of the high purity water system. Meeting delivery deadlines were critical and Grundfos was able to deliver the pumps within two weeks from the time of order. They understood the national interest concerning this project and worked closely to ensure an improved shipping date. Because of their quick response water purification was a possibility leading to the manufacturing of millions of Covid-19 tests.

“The pumps came in as promised…Brad Slagle was able to get the order moved up the line because of its national importance and great communication. Great communication was provided on the manufacturing and deliver status from Grundfos. They were able to meet their extremely short delivery commitments for all of the components required to make a functioning water system. The pumps worked flawlessly.” – Steve Specker, Technical Sales Designer - Evoqua Water Technologies