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1 modules
  • Basic

124L - Pump Industry, Guidelines, Standards and Codes

This course provides an overview of the vast array of guidelines, standards and codes affecting the pump industry. You’ll learn the difference between them and about the main authorities who set them. Additionally, you’ll learn about the key reference documents that will help you under­stand the flow of fluid through valves, pipes and fittings, enabling you to select the correct equipment for your piping system.

1 modules
  • Intermediate

204L - Diaphragm Tanks for VFD Booster Systems

In this course, you’ll learn about the use of diaphragm tanks to reduce variable speed pump energy consumption. You’ll learn how to increase the lifetime of components and how inertia affects the starting of the motors. And you’ll learn how this increases comfort for the consumer.

1 modules
  • Basic

140L - An Introduction to Deep Well Turbine Pumps

In this course, you’ll learn to identify types and sub-types of vertical turbine pumps and their accessories for deep well applications. You’ll also gain familiarity with both water and oil lubricated turbines. We also explain the layout, constituent parts and unique attributes of the performance curves of vertical turbine pumps so that you will be able to tell your customers the advantages and disadvantages of the various pump types and sub-types.

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