Easy installation

Learn how to install the SCALA2 water booster pump in three quick steps.

SCALA2 is a fully integrated water booster pump designed for easy installation. This video will take you through the three basic steps of a successful installation: preparation, installation and set-up.

Before installing SCALA2, you will need to make sure that the operating conditions are suitable.

SCALA2 is fit for both indoor and outdoor installation, but the ambient temperature should not exceed 131 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the water booster pump must be protected against frost.

SCALA2 features a compact design, which means that it will fit tightly inside spaces such as kitchen cupboards. However, we recommend always leaving enough space for service and maintenance.

You should also ensure easy access to a power outlet with the right supply voltage as well as a drain or a drip tray to lead away condensation if the surface is not resistant to water.
If the operating conditions check out, you are ready to install.

Start out by bolting the booster to the floor in the position you have marked.
Connect the water pipes using the flexible connections - and tighten by hand.

SCALA2 is a self-priming pump, which means there is no need to fill the entire suction line. Simply fill the pump housing with 0.37 gallons of water, using the extra large priming hole.

If the pump has to boost water from a depth of below 19.6 feet, you may need to add another 0.37 gallons of water.

Once primed, connect SCALA2 to the power outlet and it will start automatically, delivering the default pressure of 44 psi throughout the system.

A quick note on noise-reduction before we move on:

SCALA2 is one of the most silent boosters in its class. But all pumps vibrate, and vibrations from a pump can be transferred to floors, walls and pipes, creating noise, if it’s not installed correctly. To avoid this, we recommend placing vibration-damping feet underneath the booster and fixating all rigid pipes. Then connect the pump to the rigid piping using the flexible hoses.

Setting up the SCALA2 is quick and easy. Simply use the control panel to set the required discharge pressure level and check the water pressure at the furthest tapping point – preferably a shower, as this is where the homeowner will experience the water pressure most directly. If the pressure is adequate here, you can rest assured that it is perfect in all taps.

The easy set-up process is made possible by the intelligent pump control, which enables SCALA2 to detect any change in water pressure and adjust operation to compensate for these variations instantly.

This concludes our look at the 3-step installation process of the SCALA2 water booster pump. We hope we have provided you with the information you need to carry out a quick and trouble-free installation with perfect results.

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