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A smarter way to reduce pressure fluctuations

When does water hammer become an issue for a submersible pumping installation? We often hear that question, and the general rule is that this can be the case when you have relatively long discharge pipelines with a relatively small pipe diameter. Soft starting and stopping of the pump do not necessarily resolve the problem, which arise when accelerating and decelerating the water mass in the pipes. We need to do more, for example by placing a membrane tank after the pump well head.

However, the best solution is to add a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as well. The video explains why this is a smarter way reducing the pressure fluctuations that can cause water hammer in submersible pumping installations.

Avoid water hammer becoming an issue

A smarter way to reduce pressure fluctuations and to protect against water hammer is to control the speed of the pump using a VFD.

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