Voordelen samengevat

De voordelen samengevat

De voordelen samengevat

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De voordelen samengevat

Dit document vat de belangrijkste voordelen van Grundfos oplossingen voor waterbronnen samen.

3” and 4” solutions

To meet all your water well pump needs, Grundfos offers a wide range of 3” and 4” solutions.

All-in-one design
The SQE’s all-in-one design, with all components coming in a single box, simplifies installation and commissioning.

Advanced motor features
Innovative motors are equipped with advanced features such as soft-start and dry-run, overload and overvoltage protection (SQ and SQE only).

3” constant pressure
The 3” Grundfos SQE always delivers the same pressure to all outlets – no matter how many family members are consuming water.

4” constant pressure option
In some markets, the 4” Grundfos SP and SPA can be enhanced to provide constant pressure performance via the new CU331SP control unit.

One control unit for all sizes
The CU301 control unit fits all pump sizes, minimising shelf space needs.