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Grundfos United Kingdom

Grundfos is spread over 5 sites located across UK and Ireland with over 300 dedicated employees that cover sales (country wide), manufacturing, service and business support. We are continuously looking for bright, innovated and ambitious colleagues to join our team. Whilst the right skill set is key, we always look for passion and potential within our recruitment and selection process. If this sounds like you, or sounds like a business you would like to be part of then please take a look at our career opportunities in the UK.


Below you will find examples of some of the benefits you as an employee at Grundfos UK can benefit from. 

20% flexible benefit

Once your probation has passed, we offer an additional increase of 20% (5% minimum to go on pension). This can mean up to 15% in additional salary or benefits such as medical, dental, insurances, and more.

Pension packages

Grundfos offers exceptional business contribution rates. These rates form part of the additional flexible benefit scheme.

  • Gold Pension Scheme: 17.5% employer, 6% employee.
  • Silver Pension Scheme: 5% employer, 4% employee.

Retail discounts

Access to numerous retail discount vouchers including taste card, Grundfos pump discount, and an extensive range of highstreet stores, cinemas, restaurants including many well-known consumer brands.  

Free onsite parking

This also includes free charging points for electric cars at our Leighton Buzzard site.

Welfare is important to us. We offer:

  • Assistance helpline for employees and immediate family members (this is a 24 hour confidential helpline)
  • Flexible hours where possible
  • Flu jab voucher
  • Emergency days (1 day in addition to annual holiday)
  • Exceptional maternity policy
  • ‘Walk to Work Scheme’ whereby if you choose to walk or cycle to work, you can claim back £1 per day and If you use public transport you can claim back 80% of your outlay (up to £10 a day).

Learn and Grow

We offer further skills and qualification training to all local employees from our two external providers. This ranges from accounting qualifications to business administration and supervisor training. The terms of this agreement are as follows:

  • We will contribute up to 50% for any external course that you undertake which is not relevant to your current role.
  • We will contribute up to 100% for any external course that you undertake which is directly relevant or beneficial to your current role.

We pioneer change together

Grundfos is the world’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient and intelligent water solutions with an annual production of 17 million units, offices in more than 55 countries and over 19,000 employees worldwide. We are a truly purpose-driven company, who take pride in delivering water, using as little energy as possible when doing so. Discover more about life with us, our foundation, and how we pioneer change together.

Be a pioneer

The world is growing, and so are we. In fact, we must be one step ahead, because the world is counting on our solutions. We dare to do things that others do not in order to overcome the complex challenge of moving water in the most intelligent way. To do so, we must first and foremost capitalize on our environment for innovation and long-term thinking.

Working at Grundfos, you become part of our unique pioneering culture. We empower you to make bold moves to create new sustainable solutions. We are not only employees. We are pioneers.

Be a game changer

Our skills commit us to pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve the quality of life for people. We believe that innovation is not only a business opportunity, but an obligation. And what really matters to us is not short-term profit, but the impact we make. We have the determination and power to set the standard for the industry and society as a whole.

Joining Grundfos, you too can drive this change no matter your role. We are not only pioneers. We are also game changers.

Succeed together

From day one, you will experience that you are part of one big powerful team. We are shaping the industry because we have the right minds, hands and hearts. You can do great things on your own, but together we can do it smarter, faster and more exciting.

Being responsible, helpful and caring are part of who we are. This makes us unique as a company and as a workplace. We are in it together, and we can always count on each other. We succeed together.

A strong foundation guides us

Grundfos was established in 1945 by founder Poul Due Jensen in Denmark, who believed that there is no limit to what can be achieved together. Today, we continue to believe that the combined talent, passion and effort of all Grundfos employees and our partners hold close to unlimited potential, which is strongly reflected in our purpose and values.

Tackling the water and climate challenges

We can, will, and must play a vital role in solving the world’s water and climate challenges with our solutions. Our purpose is to pioneer solutions to the world's water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people. Therefore, we have clear, long-term water and climate ambitions to do whatever is in our power to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular 6 and 13.

Clean water and sanitation: We will halve our own water consumption by 2025. By 2030, we will have contributed to providing safely managed drinking water to 300 million people in need. In addition, through water efficiency and water treatment, we will have saved the consumption of 50 billion m3 of fresh water.

Climate action: We will halve our own CO2 emissions by 2025.

Our employee-driven program, Water2Life, engages colleagues in more than 35 countries with the purpose of bringing clean water to communities in need on every continent. Since 2010, Grundfos employees have raised more than €600,000, providing clean sustainable water systems for over 50,000 people in Kenya, Vietnam and Honduras. Read more about our commitment to the SDGs, Water2Life, and our sustainable mindset.

We care for people 

Our employees are our most valuable asset, which is also why we have a long history of being socially responsible. We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion, and it is important for us to treat employees equally regardless of personal characteristic or status. We care about the health and mental well-being of our people, and we have committed ourselves to employ people with reduced work capacity.

Learn more about our approach to social responsibility.

A window into our world

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