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3 modules
  • Intermediate

74 - Mixing loops and the MIXIT solution

In this course, you will be introduced to mixing loops and the benefits of using them. You will also get a thorough insight into the features and functionalities of the Grundfos’ MIXIT solution, and how the idea came about.

4 modules
  • Basic

60 - The MAGNA3 Circulator Pump Course

This ECADEMY course introduces you to the MAGNA3 circulator and its control modes. You'll also learn how to install and troubleshoot it.

5 modules
  • Basic

78 - Sizing your pumps in GPC

This course explains how Grundfos product Center makes otherwise very time-consuming processes like pump sizing and selection simple and fast, whether as a quick sizing based on application, design or pump family, sizing a specific application area such as renewables, or using your own evaluation criteria.

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