12 month return on new pump investment with Energy Check

An Energy Check from Grundfos reveals significant potential savings for a 12 month return on investment with new, energy-efficient pumps at a beverage can production plant.

New equipment for any kind of production facility costs money, and it is therefore a matter of great importance to make sure that you get the best value when investing in facility upgrades. This can be a daunting task, but help is at hand: With an Energy Check from Grundfos, you can get a realistic estimate of the expected return on investment for new pumps compared with your current set-up. An English packaging industry customer used the hard facts from the Energy Check to make an informed pump upgrade decision and achieve return on investment in just 12 months.

The situation

The customer is a leading beverage can producer. With an impressive client list, the company produces beverage cans for many household names. The company operates from multiple sites across Europe including production plants in England. One of these had been established in 1989 and was now in need of a pump upgrade.

Each of the two production lines at the plant is supplied with hot water by 5 immersible pumps. As all 5 pumps on one of the production lines were reaching end of life and would soon need to be replaced, the customer approached several pump manufacturers including Grundfos with a view to investigating the replacement of these pumps.

The Grundfos solution

Grundfos' Energy Check is the perfect tool for assessing pump replacements. This diagnostic tool uses sophisticated software to provide a complete overview of the life-cycle costs (LCC) of one or more pumps based on pump data (Q, H and P2), pump age, installation conditions and operating hours. The customer gets an Energy Check report with hard facts that include the projected savings potential with a new pump solution.

When approached by the English packaging industry customer, Grundfos England suggested an Energy Check of the existing production line pumps, giving the customer a clear picture of what savings they could achieve with new pumps. The customer agreed to this, and an Energy Check was performed at the plant by Grundfos staff.

The report showed that considerable financial and energy savings could be gained through replacing the pumps with modern energy efficient pump solutions, making it possible for the customer to achieve return on investment in just 12 months. The suggested replacement pumps were Grundfos MTRE3 multistage, frequency-controlled immersible pumps. These pumps have a frequency converter integrated with the motor, making them ultra-efficient.

The outcome

The customer decided to place the pump replacement order with Grundfos based on the savings projected by the Energy Check and also because of the high standards of the suggested replacement pumps. The order included 6 MTRE 64-8/2 and 8 MTRE 45-2/1 pumps. In addition to the return on investment of just 12 months, the customer stands to gain continued operational savings and industry-leading reliability for years to come.

In fact, so impressed was the customer with the results of the Energy Check that they decided to change the pumps, not only on the original production line but on their second line as well. The customer was also pleased with the quick and efficient installation of the new pumps which meant that production disruptions were minimal.

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