Reducing energy usage with Grundfos MIXIT

Grundfos MIXIT, a groundbreaking, fully integrated mixing loop solution, has been installed at the heart of Tipperary Credit Union’s new high efficiency HVAC system, to simplify installation and commissioning, improve system management and control, and significantly cut energy usage. It is part of a complete refurbishment aimed at improving the environmental performance of the upgraded Headquarters building.

The situation

When Tipperary Credit Union decided on a complete refurbishment of its headquarters building in Tipperary Town, one of its key objectives was to make the building more energy efficient and improve environmental performance.

The old, inefficient heating system was an obvious target. The differing heating demands for different areas of the building meant that complex mixing loops, involving up to 12 separate interactive components, including pumps and multiple valves, were required to create different conditions in the various user zones.

As commissioning and continuously balancing the multiple components of a traditional mixing loop is very challenging and time consuming, the old HVAC system was very inefficient and energy hungry, leading to high operating costs and a poor carbon footprint.

The solution

The client was very keen to simplify control and management of its new systems, and was therefore looking to adopt stand- alone solutions wherever possible.

Grundfos MIXIT fitted the bill perfectly. Introduced in Ireland just two years ago, the groundbreaking solution was voted the ‘Most Innovative Product of the Year’ on its first appearance at the 2021 SEA1 Energy Show.

MIXIT combines all of the components of a traditional mixing loop in a single, stand-alone unit that automatically adjusts and balances to meet system demands. It is manufactured and tested offsite under factory conditions, and delivered to site as a ‘plug and go’ solution, making installation and commissioning simple and quick.

The result

Two MIXIT units were installed to serve different areas of the building.

Combined with high efficiency Grundfos pumps, they created a very comfortable environment in each of the areas, whilst significantly cutting energy usage. Because of the much reduced number of connections, installation and commissioning was straightforward compared to the traditional mixing loop solutions, and the systems were continuously balanced to ensure optimum efficiency at all times.

Whilst the MIXIT units are not required to have direct connection to a Building Management System (BMS), they were connected in this case via built-in BACnet and Modbus connectors, to make monitoring easier. This also allowed direct connection to the MIXIT vis smart phone or laptop, using the dedicated Grundfos GO app, which enables the system to be monitored remotely and allows automatic updating of software licences.

The units were installed as part of a comprehensive range of energy efficient solutions that included solar panels, electric vehicle chargers, heat pumps and a complete heating upgrade.

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