Prestwick Airport

As part of the £1bn 10-year investment plan to support the expected increase in flight numbers, from 2 to 3 million by 2012, NATS (National Air Traffic Services) declared back in 2003, that Prestwick would play a major role, moving forward, as one of only two main Air Traffic Control Centres in the UK.

To support this move, a new 8,000 square metre centre costing £60m has recently been completed. This state-of-the-art building includes a huge hub Operations Room, two equipment rooms as well as support accommodation and plant rooms.

Crown House Technology worked in conjunction with Grundfos Pumps to ensure the pump solution would deliver the same forward thinking response that has helped NATS continue to secure worldwide business in this highly competitive business area.

Supplying a wide range of Grundfos solutions including large single-stage, end-suction NBs, single and twin head circulator pumps from the extensive TP family that offer a perfect fit in both heating and cooling applications, selections from the smaller sized UPS circulators, AP drainage and sewage pumps, a range of Grundfos IMpress pressurisation units as well as control panels and ancillary items. The solutions provided will fully meet the needs of the infrastructure as well as the expected 400+ workforce.

The guardianship of the c300 million passengers that fly from A to B each year is the responsibility of the specialist NATS teams who supply the air support to planes flying in UK airspace as well as over areas of the North Atlantic. Assuring the ideal operational balance within these surroundings – Grundfos will continue to operate to schedule for many years to come.