Techwater: Exactly as intended

Techwater – the Polish experts in high-quality water treatment is a rapidly expanding Polish company that has made a significant name for itself on the water treatment market – not least because of the high quality of the systems that Techwater provides for its customers. The polish company are sure about their preferred supplier of dosing pump equipment. Techwater only uses quality components that can be relied on to maintain the company’s excellent reputation.

The Situation
For Techwater, present with five offices in Poland, it is important that its customers perceive its technical products as being not only of good quality, but also easy to operate. This is way Grundfos Digital Dosing pumps feature in the Techwater OEM catalogue, and they are the company’s equipment of choice for use in water softening and PH-control installations.
Techwater simply wants its customers to decide how much they need in millimetres or litres. Techwater and Digital Dosing pumps from Grundfos control the rest.

The Grundfos Solution
Water quality is a critical factor in industrial and commercial applications. With Digital Dosing pumps from Grundfos, Techwater can visualize why Grundfos pumps are not only of good quality, but also easy to operate.

The first key to understanding the principles of Digital Dosing is the motor-driven connecting rod and the continuous contact it has with the diaphragm throughout every discharge/suction cycle. This ensures that the position of the diaphragm is kept under control at all times.
The second key to understanding Digital Dosing is the full stroke length – this means an optimal stroke length each cycle, the amount of additive discharged through the dosing head is always the maximum possible. This has important implications for the precision of a dosing pump – the pump is less vulnerable to build-up of gases released in the dosing head by chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.

The Outcome
Grundfos Digital Dosing pumps means that Techwater customers get top-quality systems that they can rely on to work exactly as intended – and which are really easy to operate. This includes easy operation, precise settings, a wide operating band, even discharge, full pulse control
and no pressure peaks. Non-the less one of the foremost reasons behind the customer’s choice of Techwater to supply their water treatment system is the good after sales service that the company provides, backed by an excellent service network.