First Class

The City of Belfast is currently in the middle of an architectural ‘renaissance’ period that is being reflected across many projects including the Belfast campus of the University of Ulster.

The campus is currently benefiting from a £30m redevelopment programme that will transform the site into a significant landmark in city’s up and coming Cathedral Quarter.

Part of initial phase has included the refurbishment of the Warwick Building including completely upgrading the Plant Room. Grundfos Pumps working in conjunction with Belfast consultants Building Design Partnership and contractors Litton Group have ensured that the new installation is very energy efficient, by installing only variable speed pumps.

The pumps chosen were all from the TPE range of electronically controlled single stage centrifugal pumps that are ideal in a wide range of hot and cold water circulation applications. This range also benefits from having EFF1 motors fitted, as standard, which means the lowest energy consumption possible, even in part-load situations.

To complete the requirements Grundfos also provided 2 pressurisation units and the Hydro 2000 booster set will ensure there is sufficient water available to meet demand.